TOT-AL CARE School-Age Program
Our school-age program is available for children of kindergarten age through third grade needing care before and/or after school 2 - 5 days a week and is designed around free choice. School-age children are enthusiastic and eager to learn. They have been academically challenged during school hours and need opportunities to be creative, socialize with their friends, and work on their homework with the guidance and assistance of our teacher.

Our summer time full-day school-age program for children needing care 2 to 5 days a week allows children to enjoy many opportunities for outside play activities. During outside play, emphasis is placed on team play, encouraging our school-age children to develop self-confidence in new situations. Inside creativity through arts and crafts occurs daily. Reading and journal entries are used to strengthen their literacy skills as well as critical thinking throughout the summer so valuable skills are strengthened.