Our mission is to provide the best quality child care emphasizing early childhood education in a nurturing, safe and clean environment while promoting the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of your child.

Many elements combine to carry out our mission and create a high quality environment for the care of young children, among the most important at TOT-AL CARE are these:
  1. Emotional Support
    Emotional support allows the motivation for children to learn. Emotional support is provided to each child by knowing them as an individual-- their likes and dislikes, special sensitivities, personality traits and level of skills. Tenderness, understanding and respect are the communicators of love at TOT-AL CARE.

  2. Enriched Learning Programs
    A strong curriculum is basic to any teaching environment. At TOT-AL CARE we have an enriched learning program to help your child develop the appropriate skills for their age. The enriched learning program at TOT-AL CARE is geared to individual age development, creating a challenge without overwhelming the child. Flexibility is the key. A varied curriculum allows the TOT-AL CARE teachers to be creative according to the needs of each child.

  3. Our Teachers
    Our teachers carry out our mission each day through interactions with your child. We seek nurturing individuals with a combination of education and experience who have a genuine desire to work with young children. Our teachers are continually trained in health and safety procedures, CPR, first aid and TOT-AL CARE policies and procedures. Training is provided encompassing all areas of child care and curriculum.

    All of our staff are carefully screened through New York State and must meet specific requirements to work with children.

    MAT Certified (Medication Administration Training):  For your convenience, TOT-AL CARE teachers are MAT certified.  This means, they have had extensive training and have been certified to dispense medication to your child when necessary.

  4. Environment
    Environment plays an important role in quality child care. The safety of the facility is essential - an environment geared to the care of young children. Cleanliness is also an important element in a quality care environment. TOT-AL CARE staff utilizes antiseptic hand soap along with strict hand washing procedures. Environmentally friendly disinfectant cleaners are used in maintaining a clean and healthy center.

Child care requirements may vary from family to family depending upon certain priorities -- location, hours of operation, tuition, program emphasis, and ages of acceptance. One requirement should always be essential - the best quality child care.