TOT-AL CARE Infant Program
Our infant program is for children 6 weeks through 18 months of age and focuses on the following elements:
Individual Feeding Schedules Visual Perception
Individual Sleeping Schedules Auditory Perception
Holding and Hugging Hand-Eye Coordination
Basic Learning Skills Motor Development

Examples of What Our Infants Do...
Our youngest are held, nurtured and hugged and also:
Lift their heads Coo
Roll from side to side Laugh
Grasp small toys Listen to stories and song

As they grow, they are held and hugged and encouraged to:
Pull themselves up Crawl
Hold and stack toys Respond to specific requests
Learn basic speech Explore through creative play

Our older infants are held and hugged and encouraged to:
Learn to stand Carry Objects
Scribble on paper Respond to emotions
Hold a cup Play in groups